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World of Tanks Object 907 - 5 Kills 10,1K Damage

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World of Tanks Object 907 - 5 Kills 10,1K Damage

Medals received: Confederate, High Caliber

The Object 907 is a Soviet tier 10 premium medium tank.

The decision to start development of a next-generation medium tank simultaneously while improving the T-54 was made on July 13, 1953. Development was carried out by Research Institute No. 100. The project was submitted in February—March 1954, and, in April 1955, the hull of the new vehicle was tested for shell resistance. However, the project was later canceled due to its complexity.

This tank was available as a reward tank along with the M60, VK 72.01K, and T95E6 for the top 3000 players on the NA server and top 11000 players on the EU server who had gained the most fame points during the 3rd, 4th and 5th Clan Wars Campaigns.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2018

Mod: https://wgmods.net/21/details

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