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World of Tanks ISU-152 - 5 Kills 7,1K Damage

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World of Tanks ISU-152 - 5 Kills 7,1K Damage

Medals received: Brother in Arms, High Caliber

The ISU-152 is a Soviet tier 8 tank destroyer.

Developed on the basis of the IS tank. The ISU-152 was conceived as a replacement for the SU-152, which was based on the KV-1s chassis. A total of 4,635 vehicles were built from November 1943 through June 1945.

One of the most difficult tanks in the game to resist the urge of an aggressive play style, largely due to its top gun which packs an incredible punch for its tier, the ISU-152 is still not recommended for front-line duty. While being an immense threat to the enemy team when equipped with its top gun, the D-4S, it will only serve as a shot magnet which will indubitably draw the bulk of the enemy's attention and fire onto your tank. And should you find yourself the main target of enemy guns, the laughably thin armor of the ISU-152 will ensure a speedy confrontation and an early grave for your vehicle. Instead, the ISU-152 exceptionally fulfills the traditional role of an ambushing tank destroyer as well as that of a fire-support vehicle if accompanied by more heavily armored allied tanks. In addition to its poor armor and while fearsome, the D-4S main gun of the ISU-152 is a mixed blessing due to its average accuracy, significant aim time and a long reload. But the above average penetration combined with its phenomenal alpha damage output will ensure that should your shell find its target, it will cause tremendous damage if not a one-shot kill. Due to these aspects, the player of the ISU-152 should employ a crew which is first and foremost proficient in camouflage. This tank has a very good camouflage rating and will sorely need to stay out of sight for as long as possible when engaging the enemy in order to avoid being shelled. Artillery will have no problem decimating your hit point count and it is inadvisable to allow it the chance to do so. In short, a skilled player of the ISU-152 will know the most advantageous position which either masks the tank well or provides enough cover for a successful ambush while they in turn have a clear line of sight on an advancing enemy team. If these requirements are met, the ISU-152 will be a merciless opponent, annihilating anything foolish enough to get in front of its main gun and becoming a main contributor to its team.

The ISU-152 leads to the Object 704.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2018

Mod: https://wgmods.net/21/details

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