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Windows Games on Linux | Episode 8 | Paladins

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In episode 8 of Windows Games on Linux, I am going over Paladins FPS game. This game launches by default, but suffers from a .net bug that I show you how to fix so you no longer receive the prompt.

Below are all the commands I use in this video:
Install protontricks

Use protontricks on Paladins
protontricks 444090 dotnet40 vcrun2010 directx9

If you get error about Windows XP type the following:
protontricks 444090 winecfg
-Set Windows Version to 'Windows 7'

Relaunch Paladins and you will be prompted to install Visual Studio 2010 and DX9. Go ahead and let these installers run. After they go through twice, paladins will launch.

Going forward any future launches it will launch directly into the game.

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