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[MAP RELEASED] Jevil from Deltarune in Team Fortress 2

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I've done it! The map's ready and so is Jevil and his chaos!
Map on Steam Workshop
Map for manual download on Gamebanana:

After Omega Flowey from Undertale, here's Jevil from Deltarune! My new boss map!

RED team has been tasked to take down a jester who is able to do anything, welcome to the circus.

The aim of the map is to recreate the experience of fighting Jevil in Deltarune, attempting to be as close as possible of the battle.

- All the boss attacks
- 3 Levels, each time you defeat Jevil you go to the next one.
- Health is scaled by player count
- US and JP voices!
- CHAOS CHAOS! (3 Jevils mode)
- Base_boss

About that last point, I wanted to see how useful the base_boss entity is and I was not disappointed! It allows flamethrowers, grenades and kritz to hit the boss.

If you enjoy the map, don't forget to like and share!

Jevil model by Kirilian, map by Alex Turtle.

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