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M48 Patton: Lucky Kolobanov - World of Tanks

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Tier 10 American medium tank M48A5 Patton trying to carry his team on Lakeville.

► Intro: https://youtu.be/xpBToI-XdUI
► Outro: https://goo.gl/UK4VNx

► The M48A5 Patton, together with the M60, currently has the best view range in game and should be played with this in mind. At 420m this can be taken above and beyond the 450m hard cap with Coated Optics, which will help negate enemy camouflage.

One of the main improvements of the M48 over the M46 is the stronger hull and turret armor. M48 is able to more effectively go hull down and bounce more shots with its turret, however it is not a good idea to stay exposed for too long as well placed shots and premium rounds can still go through your cupola. The gun depression on this tank is used to take a shot and then return to cover.

Having said that, the turret does offer moderate protection. The mantlet acts as spaced armor, although there is a hole in the center with no turret armor behind it. The turret is sloped, thus shots towards its edges may well bounce. Overall, the turret-mantlet combination offers reasonable protection.

However, much of this improvement in protection was negated by its weak commander's cupola. This is a weakspot so the driver must be wary lest it protrude from cover. In fact the size and generally weak armor make the tank a very attractive target for artillery and tanks, therefore be constantly aware and never stay idle too long in the open. With the gun's accuracy on the move, you would not need to stop for too long anyway.

Unfortunately, unlike its predecessors, the M48 cannot scout too well. This is because of its larger size, slower speed, worse acceleration, and team value. Passive scouting is more a more viable tactic as long as you make good use of bushes, trees, and terrain, coupled with its best in class view range, the M48 can also counter-scout light tanks.

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