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Free Energy Work and Understanding, to Awaken your Metabilities Right Now (11-1-2018), Pt. 1 of 3

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I mentioned a long time ago that I might do this, some free energy work for any and everyone.

There's 3 different Energy Processes spread out through all 3 parts of this series.

If you really want to awaken your full potential, all of your sleeping metaphysical abilities, listen to all 3 parts and in order.

There's more than words moving around here.
There's an understanding of what's real in your life, in your surroundings, that you're not aware of yet.

This is an important part of your awakening.
It's a heads up regarding not only what you're about to start seeing, but how to deal with it.

First, Relaxation: That can benefit anyone who wants it.
(If you're causing your own anger, grief, it will come right back)

Second, Source Energy Blockage put into all bodies.

Third, A Power Enhancement for people who are 17% or less, lower frequencies (most all people who come here) and are not arrogant or abusive.
(If you haven't had it from me already.)

There's also a lot of basic information about the Other Side, how it acts, thinks, and doesn't.

You should consider downloading this for those you care for, and those they care for.

It's a gift, why not?

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