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Clan War Leagues - TH12 Attacks 2019 - Clash Of Clans - Round 3 (Season 5)

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Clan War Leagues - TH12 Attacks 2019 - Clash Of Clans - Round 3 (Season 5)

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This channel's contents are mainly related to Clash of Clans Defense,Attack and War attack strategy from our very own Clan "BD Indomitable". However, we also share new attacks from other players in order to help everyone(Only TH12 MAX BASE ATTACK).If you want us to feature your attack or defense base,please feel free to knock our facebook page.There are some top and one of the best players who are working and playing day and night to make new attack technique to get you to legend league.We can also help you share your glorious war attack skills on our channel. You can also mail us at the back of our channel.

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