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जवस व पाचक घटकांचा चविष्ट मुखवास |home made mukhwas |mouthfreshener recipe|मुखशुध्दी

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Today I am sharing homemade
digestive mouth freshener or Mukhwas
It contain mulethi,carom seeds,cloves
thats why it helps to prevent
from cough and cold
So try it
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. 50 gms fennel seeds

. 50 gms carom seeds

. 50 gms sesame seeds

. 50 gms Alsi/flex seeds

. 50 gms grated dry coconut

. 50 gms roasted dhana dal
(split coriander seeds)

. 25 gms mulethi powder
(licorice root powder)

. 1 tbsp black salt
(20 gms)

. 1 tbsp lemon juice

. 2 tbsp colorful sugar candies

. 4-5 clove's powder


. Mix black salt in lemon
juice and stir it properly.

. Add this mixture equally in
fennel,alsi/flex,carom and
sesame seeds then rub it

.Cover these ingredients with
lid and allow to rest it for 30-45

. After that saute dhana dal
or split coriander seeds in a pan
for just 1-2 minutes only
to remove it's moisture.
and keep aside.

. Then dry roast grated dry coconut
on low flame till turns light brown
and keep aside.

. Now one by one roast fennel ,alsi/flex
carom ,sesame seeds on low flame
and keep aside.

. Then crush fennel seeds and
dhana dal /split coriander seeds
in mixture grinder separately
for a coarse powder

. Transfer all these roasted
ingredients in a flat plate
and allow to cool properly.

. Then add mulethi/licorice root
powder,cloves powder and
colorful sugar candies.

. Mix all ingredients properly.

. Digestive Mouth freshener/mukhwas
is ready.

.Immediately transfer it in dry
airtight container and store
for 45-50 days.


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